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  • High quality silk and polyester greenery
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and can custom built for your space
  • No upkeep apart from light dusting 
  • Permanent or removable displays 
  • Perfect for events of media walls
  • Can be made with additional floral options
  • Available for home or corporate spaces 

Our green walls are high-quality silk and green fabric plants on a separate structural system that can be freestanding and adjacent or attached to the wall. Utilising a wide variety of the highest non-living realistic plants means you can have the natural effect without additional maintenance, water or intense horticultural expertise.  

Designed in a variety of shapes to suit your corporate space or freestanding as a back drop, media wall of installation for you event. Our green walls are available for hire or they can made to fit and suit your space no matter how large or small.

As every green wall is bespoke to fit and suit the style of your venue or space, we require images or an on-site  visit to estimate your plants or flowers required.